Balázs Gyémánt - Professional World Traveller

Hello and welcome to my blog!

Balázs utazik in the blog's title means "Balázs is travelling"

As you see most content is in Hungarian, only a small section is in English. I'm a professional world traveller that may sound cheesy, but it's in fact true. 

I'm based in Budapest, Hungary and I travel around the world. I'm a freelancer tour director / tour guide. I'm licensed in Hungary and in New York City and I frequently travel to the USA. In fact most of my travels lead me to the States and yet I don't write enough about it. 

I also work as a blogger as you obviously noticed. I started blogging when I was 18 and was an intern in New York City and wanted to share my experiences with my friends - www.bala.blog.hu

I got the World's Second Best Job! This was a competition run by a prestigious Hungarian travel agency: Tensi. I was travelling on their behalf for a year and my job was to snap, shoot and write a blog about my travels. I ended up in the Caribbean, in the Mediterranean, I visited Santa Claus at the Arctic Circle, did a city break in Riga, explored Provance and had a pampering visit to Mauritius. My travels were featured in the press, I had many radio and tv appearences and my name got linked with travel blogging. Some of the articles on this blog are from those times. www.alegjobballas.hu 

During the London Olympics in 2012, I was selected by Samsung to cover London during the events. I had an amazing time there and met a lot of fantastic, likeminded travel bloggers. www.samsungglobalblogger.blog.hu 

The first video on this page was created for the Swiss Explorer Competition. Unfortunately I didn't land that job, but I had a great time making a video resume.

I worked with travel companies and destinations to convey their messages via blogs. I was responsible for a Germany blog. 

Besides the blog, I do go on assignment for travel and lifestyle magazines to write articles and snap pictures. I have been a contributing writer for InStyle, Marie Claire, The Explorer, First Class Magazine, Origo.hu

I do a lot of television work as a creative producer. That includes coming up with stories, organizing them, making the interviews and editing the footage. I am mostly behind the scenes for broadcast television especially for Havazin, which is a weekly ski show on RTL Klub. www.havazin.hu 

In the meantime, I'm also focusing on my MBA studies at Modul University in Vienna, Austria. I major in Tourism Management. I graduated in Advertising and International Communications at the Budapest Metropolitan University (formerly known as Budapest College of Communication and Business) and finished another degree in Marketing Communications at Middlesex University, London. 

As you see my life revolves around tourism and media. My dream is to create a unique travel show for an international audience.

If you are interested in working together with me, please get in touch at balazs.gyemant@gmail.com or here:



Instagram: @balazsutazik



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